I don’t have much to share today so I thought I would share our yesterday in photos.  My sweet husband had deemed the day to be mine – so we did some of my favorite things.

We woke up and went to my favorite breakfast spot.  Ted and I like to frequent it on Saturday mornings but haven’t been since Sam was born.  We were greeted with hugs, love & a cup of coffee.  My favorite.

After we went home and changed.  It was too beautiful to sit inside so I chose to pack up the dogs and head to Cherokee Park(Alistair was being anti-social in the back of the Ru during this photo)

IMG_1290 IMG_1292 IMG_1293

Often times when I pray, I ask God to show us that Sam is safe in His arms.  God continues to provide.  During our walk Ted and I stopped at a wooden bench to rest.  The moment I sat down my thoughts turned to Sam.  I glanced between me and Ted and softly written into the bench was Sam’s name with a smiley face.  I know Sam was in the moment with us.  I smiled and gave thanks to God.


After we left the park we drove around Louisville for a little bit.  We stopped at the Pie Kitchen on Lexington Road.  Not pictured because I ate it too fast was a delicious mint chip ice cream cone.  It just so happened that across the street was a Rainbow Blossom that was having a Farmers Market.  Whaaaat! 

Organic grocery & a Famers Market – totally up my alley.

Amid my shopping for food & stuff I ran into this:


Lifefactory water bottles.  Albeit silly – reminded me of Sam.  While I was pregnant Ted and I had many a conversation about glass baby bottles.  We reached out to his sister for her input, who reached out to her friends, and decided we were pro-glass baby bottles and Lifefactory made the best ones.  Since they make the best baby bottles I’m sure they make the best water bottles. 🙂  So we spoiled ourselves and bought two.

Outside RB we grazed the Farmers Market and left with three sunflowers.

Pups in tow, we headed for Sam.  It’s the first time we’ve taken the pups to visit our boy and interestingly enough I think they knew our hearts.  They were mindful and sweet as we visited.

As Ted said, two sunflowers from us for Sam and one for us to keep at home.

IMG_1298 IMG_1299 IMG_1300

After our big morning our bellies were hungry & our bodies ready for a drink!  What better place for cheese bread and wine than River City?


But it’s hardly fair that our favorite mojitos are now across the street so….


We love Habana Blues.

Cheese bread doesn’t sustain for long so we headed to Mom & Dads for dinner.  To our surprise, our favorite Will pickle was spending the night!  As always he gave Uncle Ted and Aunt Abby some much needed laughter.

IMG_1306 IMG_1308

(I think Uncle Ted did his part, too)

After dinner we headed home.

Abby day wouldn’t be complete without some tiki time!


So here’s one thing I’ve learned about life since Sam.  When it gets hard, you want to surround yourself with people who love you – and I mean really love you.  Accept you for all of your faults; takes your bad days with the good.  I can’t imagine life without my husband.  He’s been my rock.  You’re my best friend, Ted, and I am so lucky I get to experience all life has to offer with you.  I love you.  Thank you for yesterday.



3 thoughts on “Yesterday.

  1. What a perfect day! I love that you saw the name Sam written out when you guys were on your walk, that’s so amazing! Something similar happened when I was walking around the grocery store, a little boy and I almost ran into eachother..he looked up and his mom yelled “Declan.” I love moments like that. I haven’t written a post on my blog yet about him, but you are inspiring me to! 🙂 PS wine and cheese is the absolute best!

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  2. I love that you spent the beautiful day together doing all of your favorite things! You are truly blessed to have each other’s love and share that love with Sam 💙


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