I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love.

The first book Sam ever received was I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love by Nancy Tillman.  I vividly remember being pregnant and opening the package from my Aunt Jude.  I sat on my couch and read the story out loud to myself with tears running down my cheeks.  It’s true, I thought, I would know Sam anywhere.

The book, among others, has rested unopened on his bookshelf.


After visiting him this afternoon my heart told me it was time to open it again.  Thoughts raced through my mind about the sadness I feel because I can’t rock Sam in his blue chair and read the words to him.  Although he’s not here – he’s heard the words.  I’ll forever cherish our moment on the couch, when I read to you.

It’s still true, Sam, I’d know you anywhere.

I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love

(Nancy Tillman)

There are things about you quite unlike any other. . .

things always known by your father and mother.


So if you decide to be different one day,

no worries. . .I’d know you anyway.


If one day we’re walking and talking, just us,

when you’re abracadabra, a rhinoceros. . .

I might be surprised, but just for awhile. . .

I’d know it was you by your magical smile.

If early one morning, you put on your socks

and declare, “For today, I’m a little red fox!”

I’d say, “My, my. . .that is quite a disguise!”

But I’d know it was you by the gleam in your eyes.


If you were a camel,

I’d know by your grin.

Little pink pig?

Your chinny chin chin. . .


White snowy owl? Among other things,

I’d know by the flap of your snowy owl wings.

My eyes and my ears and my arms always know. . .

from the top of your head to your tiniest toe.

Wild spotted pony? Easy, my sweet.

I’d know it was you by the sound of your feet.


If you were a bear cub. . .

I’d know by your nose.


Ringtail raccoon?

Your clever tiptoes.


Blue-footed booby?

I’d know at first glance

by your wonderful,

one-of-a-kind happy dance.

And if one day you got bored and you said,

“Today I’m not me, I’m a lion instead”

even if I’d never heard it before,

I’d know it was you by the sound of your roar.

I know you by heart, so my heart never misses.

I’d even know you by your whiskery kisses.


Fox or koala, giraffe or raccoon. . .

anything, anywhere under the moon.

Whatever it is you imagined to be,

I’ll just be so proud you belong to me.


I’ll kiss every whisker and smooth every hair. . .

Because, child of mine, I’d know you anywhere.

You are loved.




3 thoughts on “I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love.

  1. How sad. I have my Sam’s little first Bible and every once in a while, I sit in the nursery and read a few chapters out loud for him. My goal is to finish the book for him before we welcome another baby (God knows when). Big hug to you ❤ Your Sam was beautiful.


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