Peace & Yoga.

The past few days have been especially hard emotionally.  Ted and I found out over the weekend that a dear friend of ours has a brain tumor.  He will be having surgery this afternoon to remove the tumor, have it assessed and see what’s next.  Since Sam was born, I’ve shared with some, how I’ve come to realize how little we control in life.  Finding out about our friend has confirmed my feelings even more.

Sometimes I find my spirit telling me to just ‘be still’ and ‘be’.  This morning I attended my first yoga class.  A new studio opened in New Albany and it just so happened that this morning was its first morning open.  Ironically, or not, this week marks the start to my sixth week without Sam.  What better way to celebrate the healing of my body than to try something new?

I sat in my car outside of the studio running through my minds playlist of all the things that could go wrong when I walked inside.  I’ve never practiced yoga (other than on my deck last week) – I’ll probably look silly – my body still feels broken.  But I mustered up the courage and went inside anyways.  My mind continued to tell me I needed to be there.

I was welcomed with smiles and immediately recognized the owner, Carrie, from my searching online for local yogis.  She welcomed me and told me one of my soul sisters {that I had reached out to previously to get the scoop} had already paid for my first class.  A sweet confirmation I needed to be present.  Then she told me a fellow yogi had paid for a month of classes for the first new student who came in.  A definite confirmation I was exactly where I needed to be.

Today’s hatha yoga class gave me space to just connect with myself.  To be quiet and to be present.  I know my poses weren’t perfect but it allowed me to feel comfortable with my body, where it is, and where I am right now. 

At the end of class, during savasana, I laid on my mat and welcomed a few tiny tears.  Tears for Sam & tears for my sweet friends who are enduring such a hard season of life.  We can’t control what life throws at us but we can control our response.  Grace and peace to my two friends that Ted and I love so much.



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