Stitch Fixing Myself Together.

Tonight marks the last Wednesday night golf scramble or so I’m told by my husband.  Another Wednesday night where I can get stuff done (or not) while he’s out with the guys.

Ted asked me what I was going to do tonight to which I replied, “Oh, I’ll find something!”

Fall is quickly closing in on us.  The weather in Southern Indiana dropped significantly this week.  Last weekend while we were walking around in downtown Nashville, Indiana for my birthday we were sweating through our shirts at 95 degrees and hellish humidity.  Three days later it’s sixty-something, our windows are open, my favorite lavender candle is lit, and I’m getting ready to pour myself a glass of wine.

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.  I’ve decided I am going to make it a month of stitching myself back together.  How?  By a little self-love and TLC.  If I’ve learned anything over the last year and a half, it’s that we create our own happiness.  No one else is responsible for my healing and health except for myself.

It started a couple days before my birthday last week when I reached out to my best friend Jessica and asked her if she could fit me in for a color.  It wasn’t until I walked out of the salon that I realized how happy it made me feel to actually feel pretty.  After losing Sam I lost a part of myself.  I remember feeling betrayed by my body as thoughts of failure can so easily take hold in our hearts.  I am determined not to feel the same after losing Lion.  I am worth it.

I’ve decided to take part for a month in my new friend Jen’s VIP Beachbody and Shakeology small group.  There will be five of us in October working out together, drinking vegan chocolate shakes and eating (I hope!) right.  I’m hoping it jumpstarts me into losing some of this baby weight that I have absolutely no shame in having kept this long.  But it’s time now to start moving.

I’ve also set the goal to start and finish this years Capture Your Grief Project by Carly Marie.  Last October I participated as a fairly new loss Mom.  I blogged about my experience here.  I had to stop halfway through the month.  I wasn’t prepared for the emotional highs and lows writing about my experience with Sam would bring about.  It’s probably safe to say that I’m still unprepared.  But I’m looking forward to attempting it again.  I’m a big believer in sharing life.

Lastly, I decided to sign up for another “fix” from Stitch Fix.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, awhile ago for about six months I signed up for clothes to be delivered to my door.  WHHHAAAAT?!  It’s true.  I was shopping in my bedroom!  It’s this online company where you fill out a style survey, get paired with a stylist and she sends you clothes however often you want!  If you don’t like it, you send it back for free.

Yaaaassss.  If you haven’t done it – do it.  Click here for a referral link. {I won’t lie, I get $25 in free clothes if you sign up.} But I really do love it. —–> Back to the point, I got my fix tonight.  Every woman feels better when she likes what she’s wearing, right?  I thought I’d share what they sent me to get opinions.  And every woman has an opinion.

Do enjoy my bedroom selfies.  Comment your thoughts on what I should keep and what I should send back!

Kara Hammered Coin Long Necklace – $34


Kalin Draped Cardigan – $68

 Rose Bootcut Pant – $78


 Abrielle Color Block Sweater – $58


Sylvester Split Neck Blouse – $54


If you’re doing the math and thinking I must be rich, I’m not.  It’s actually a pretty sweet deal.  I have $50 free clothes stored up from referrals, you get 25% off if you keep all five, and the $20 styling fee goes towards your clothes!

I’m on a mission, if it wasn’t obvious, to be happy.  Maybe it all sounds a bit materialistic or vein and maybe it is.  I read somewhere once, “Don’t feel guilty for doing what’s best for you.”  So I’m not going to.

October is going to be MY month.  I’ll be stitch fixing myself together again and I hope you’re somehow apart of it!

10 thoughts on “Stitch Fixing Myself Together.

  1. Yes! I love it! And I was thinking of getting a Loulowhomever I don’t know rep to be involved with this retreat. I love the magenta and striped sweater the very most, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loooove the sweater, too! It’s uber comfortable. (If you couldn’t tell by my thumbs up!) I have a few friends who sell LuLaRoe! Maybe they’d travel! This is a brilliant idea, Sarah!


  2. I LOVE the cardigan and the color block sweater! You look fabulous in all of it though.

    I’m so happy you are taking this next month to just do you. If anyone deserves a little pampering and self love it is you dear friend!


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  3. I love all of it. My favorites are the cardigan, sweater, split neck blouse and the pants. So yeah, you might as well buy it all. Haha. 😉


  4. First of all, you look fabulous in every outfit!!! I love ALL of it! My 3 favorites are the cardigan, sweater, and blouse. But you rock everything! They did so well fitting you! I have contempted trying it out.


  5. Most definitely love the color block. Do not think for one minute you do not deserve to take care of number one right now and that is Abby. You are an amazing Momma and you will feel some much better to take the time for yourself. Go find that campfire and lift a glass of cheer from me to you.


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