Compassion & Courage. 

I’m off work this morning. I woke up at my own pace and climbed into some leggings and a sports bra. I tossed between yoga in my dining room because the sun was shining in and yoga in Sam’s room because it’s in the process of becoming my new creative space. I chose Sam’s room.

I decided on a vinyasa practice that turns out, wasn’t so easy for me, a practice called Compass-ion Flow. The peak point of the practice lead me into compass pose; which was a pose I had not done before nor could I fully express. During the practice I found myself in that place more than one time, unable to move my body into the full expression of the poses.
As I was getting ready this morning I was thinking about how hard it can be to really be you; whatever that looks like. For me, it’s staying true to myself by authentically grieving so openly. I know some people are much more reserved than me but it’s important to me that my friends, family and followers know that I hurt because my children have died.

My thoughts floated to two women who have recently come into my office at work. For them, it’s legally changing their names and for one of them, changing the legal description of their gender because both women are transgender.
It takes courage to be who you really are.
At one point during the practice tears began to collect on my mat. How is it that we can offer more compassion to ourselves and others? I believe it’s simply loving ourselves for where and who we are, accepting the moment for exactly what it is and having the courage to pick yourself up off the mat and flow.

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