No one is sent to anyone by accident.

“No one is sent to anyone by accident.”

I can’t sleep. I have a lot on my mind and my brain is refusing to shut itself down tonight. So I thought I’d write. Write about my heart.

I am spending this coming weekend with three of the most insanely beautiful women and mothers I know.

Kati, Eloise’s Mama. Rachel, Georgia’s Mama. Lindsey, Webb’s Mama.

I’ve spent the better part of the last two years clinging to them in my deepest, darkest moments of grieving for Sam. I’ve only ever ‘met’ Kati & Rachel online but feel as though our souls were destined to be friends. Lindsey, Mama to Webb & rainbow Woods, is my darling cousin. Our boys were born still 3 months apart.

I’ve always said to my mama sisters, if life hadn’t turned out the way it did, and we weren’t navigating loss motherhood together but chasing toddlers with endless energy, I hope our paths would still have crossed.

As my mind was whirling tonight, I came across the quote no one is sent to anyone by accident and I felt peace. Lindsey, Rachel & Kati were meant to be in my life. Destined, maybe. It’s no accident that Sam, Ellie, Georgia girl & Webb brought our hearts together.

It’s what love is made of.

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